Make Way To Reach Your Dreams On Board Of These Super Yachts

Yachts represent the pinnacle of our lives. Indeed, owning a vessel to cruise over water surrounded by nothing but the revolting sound of waves and luxury is more than a lifestyle. It is a dream come true. Therefore, the yacht you choose to live that dream on is of paramount importance.

Because we know that, and we showcase the most amazing cruisers in the world. And, we want to help you in your journey. Read on as we introduce to you the best two brands to moor on your favorite Mediterranean Sea marinas and see the world with.

Ready? Buckle up because here we go!

From The Cold And Beautiful Shores Of Finland, Grandezza

Finland’s boating tradition goes back for ages. Moreover, the beautiful shores of the Ostrobothnia region are home to generations of boat builders. That heritage, wisdom, and skill has been the best-kept secret of this northern country and makes every Grandezza a true gem.

Perhaps, the proximity to the untamed sea and the tranquil waters of the archipelago made it an uncanny scenario for uncanny creations. In that vein, the entire Finish boating tradition is based in this area. Speaking of which, the knowledge passed from one generation to the next makes each Grandezza builder a true craftsman.

If you add all these elements and mix them with cutting-edge technology and innovation what you get is nothing short of greatness. That feeling is the one you get when you step inside a Grandezza yacht; that everything is possible.

Can you picture your hair in the wind, the bluest of blues, and the sweet summer breeze of Costa Blanca? Well, imagine savoring that landscape onboard one of the most gorgeous vessels in the world. And now, you’re close to what owning a Grandezza yacht feels like.

Why Choose Grandezza?

Since the archipelago where all Grandezza design and construction happens goes through severe seasonal changes, yachts are tested in the harshest conditions. These challenging testing waters serve as a survival test for every Grandezza model. As a result, you know that you can have the time of your life onboard your yacht, regardless of weather conditions.

Handmade In Amsterdam, Ready To Conquer Any Ocean, Focus Yachts

Family values meet state-of-the-art yacht building to create motorized wonders ready to conquer any ocean. Indeed, Focus Yachts has accomplished something that many builders pursue for decades or even centuries: handcrafted world-class vessels.

The mastermind behind the operation, British naval architect Tony Castro designs every yacht. His ideas find the perfect balance between uncanny performance, layout flexibility, and refinement. Only someone who loves yachts the way he does can achieve this balance.

Moreover, that love Focus Yachts applies to every step of the building process will back up your purchase with one-of-a-kind after-sales care. As a result, Focus Yachts are proud holders of the strongest resale values in the industry. That is, of course, beyond to-die-for style and quality that will last for decades, not years.

Why Choose Focus Yachts?

Focus Yachts is a synonym not only with tradition and family values, but also state-of-the-art technology and obsessive attention to detail. Therefore, each of their creations can give you and your family the possibility to cruise any ocean in the world


These are, hands down, the best yacht brands you can buy today to moor or cruise the beautiful waters of Costa Blanca with. Don’t miss out on your chance to ride in a piece of heaven. 

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