Boat Management

Flandria Yachts offers a wide range of boat management services. Our aim is that in addition to the
purchase of a boat, you should also be in order with all the necessary documents and maintenance
of your yacht.
The following services can be arranged through us:


– Arrangement of your flag letter.

– Arranging insurance for your yacht with a professional insurer     who is exclusively active in the yacht business.

– Arranging a berth (sale and rental) on the basis of availability.

Flandria Yachts


– Scheduling technical maintenance for your yacht.

– Planning of a cleaning service for your yacht.

– Antifouling

– Boat watch: in case of absence we keep an eye on your ship


– Guidance in your boat

– Training in harbour manoeuvring.

– Training in docking your boat.

– Organization of guided passage to the Balearic Islands.


– Composition of a safety package according to the standards of your flag

– Mooring package

– Glasses, plates, towels